EZ-Cleans Plus® School Biohazard Spill Kit

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Quick Overview

Quickly clean up potentially biohazardous fluids and prevent the spread of disease within your school

Product Details

  • Economical yet effective biohazard spill kit designed to facilitate quick clean-up of spilled bodily fluids
  • Emergency spill kit contians the following components: vinyl gloves-1 pair, odor mask, Red-Z solidifier, plastic scoop/scraper combo, Sanizide Plus germicidal wipes, red biohazard bag & white disposal bag, twist ties, P.A.W.S. antimicrobial hand wipe
  • Ideal for use in school clinics, as well as in medical science buildings
  • Biohazard cleanup kit meets OSHA safety standards


Includes: Red-Z Spill Clean-Up Powder
Clean-Up Scooper and Scraper
Disposable Gloves
Antimicrobial Handwipe
Disinfection Solution w/ Towel
Red Biohazard Bag w/ Twist Tie
Item Type: Biohazard Spill Kit
Manufacturer Name: Safetec
Manufacturer Part Number: 17121
Material: Plastic
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