First Aid Only® Ammonia Inhalant Ampoules

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Quick Overview

Provide fast relief to minor emergencies on campus with first aid ampoule

Product Details

  • Ammonia inhalants help prevent dizziness and fainting that can occur with too much heat in your school facility
  • First Aid Only ammonia inhalant ampoules come in 0.3 ml respiratory stimulants for inhalation only
  • Each ampoule contains 35% alcohol and 15% ammonia
  • First aid ammonia inactive ingredients include alcohol USP, FD&C red dye #40, lavender oil FCC, lemon oil FCC, nutmeg oil FCC and purified water USP


Active Ingredients: 15% Ammonia;35% Alcohol
Delivery Method: Inhale
Dosage: 0.3 ml
Injury Application: Fainting
Item Type: Ammonia Inhalant
Manufacturer Name: First Aid Only, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number: A5009-AMP
Packaging: Box
Quantity: 10
Treatment Type: Inhalant
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