First Aid Only® Hydrogen Peroxide Pump Spray

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Quick Overview

Keep hydrogen peroxide sprays within reach in your school to prevent infected wounds

Product Details

  • Available in a handy spill-proof 4 oz. pump spray bottle enabling effective infection control in school
  • Hydrogen peroxide formulation, ideal for both wound disinfection and wound cleaning
  • Keep antiseptic sprays handy in locations where cuts, scrapes and burns can most likely occur, such as in shops, school labs, clinics, gyms, school cafeteria kitchens, etc.


Active Ingredients: 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
Delivery Method: Spray
Injury Application: Cuts;Scrapes
Item Type: Hydrogen Peroxide
Manufacturer Name: First Aid Only, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number: M5124
Packaging: Pump Bottle
Quantity: 1
Treatment Type: Antiseptic
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