Guardian EyeSafe-X™ Faucet Mounted Emergency Eyewash Station

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Quick Overview

Convert your school's many faucets into emergency eyewash stations

Product Details

  • Guardian eyewash station converts any faucet into an emergency eyewash while still letting you use your faucet as you normally would
  • Chrome plated forged brass construction results in a durable faucet mounted eyewash station
  • Outlet heads are designed to aerate the released water resulting in a softer eyewash flow when used
  • Emergency eyewash station outlet heads are positioned 5" apart and inwards, giving full eye coverage with little splashing
  • Easy to operate by students and staff alike - just pull the eyewash station's activation knob to activate
  • Install anywhere within your school where eye accidents are possible such as in workshops, cafeterias, gyms and science labs


For Number of Persons: 1
Includes: (2) 1 oz Eyewash Vials;(2) Eye Pads;0.5" x 2.5 yd Tape;0.5 oz Eye Drops;Cold Pack
Item Type: Eyewash Station
Manufacturer Name: Guardian
Manufacturer Part Number: G1101
Material: Brass
Portable or Wall-Mounted: Faucet-Mounted
Type: EyeSafe-X™ Gooseneck Faucet-Mounted
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