School Biohazard Protection Kit

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Quick Overview

Protect students and staff from infectious fluids with School Biohazard Kits

Product Details

  • School Biohazard Kits provide full protection for school health personnel, helping protect them from infection
  • Kit includes standard biohazard protective equipment such as a biohazard protective suit and latex gloves all housed in a convenient easy-to-store plastic bag
  • Keep kits handy in school areas like gyms, cafeteria kitchens and clinics for proper infection control in schools


For Number of Persons: 1
Includes: (1) Antiseptic hand wipe;(1) Fluid shield mask with visor;(1) Full-length open-back fluid-resistant gown;(1) Pair laytex gloves;(1) Waste bag
Item Type: Kit
Kit Style: Bag
Material: Plastic
Number of Pieces: 6
Packaging: Each
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